Happy New Year’s Eve!

This is a revised version of the quiz I posted last New Year’s Eve on the board. Don’t bother looking for that one cuz I deleted it!

This quiz is for anyone who thinks they are a Britax geek. Some questions are multiple choice and others are not. I’ll post the answers tomorrow. You get 5 points for each correct answer and NO CHEATING! LOL!
1. Pick the correct time line:
a. Freeway, Roundabout, Laptop, Regent
b. Super Elite, Marathon, Expressway, Monarch
c. Companion, StarRiser/Comfy, Parkway, BodyGuard
d. Galaxy, Cruiser, Husky, Frontier

2. Which Britax booster had a back that was stored inside the base when not in use?

3. Which is NOT a Britax cover?
a. Cafe Check
b. Citrus
c. Bubbly Fun
d. Lisa

4. The first Britax seat to have flexible LATCH attachments was:
a. Super Elite
b. Expressway
c. Freeway
d. Galaxy

5. How many seats has Britax made that could be tethered rf? Name them.

6. The first Britax higher-weight harness seat was:
a. Super Elite
b. Marathon
c. Traveller Plus
d. Wizard

7. How many seats (sold in the US) has Britax made with Rigid LATCH attachments? Name them.

8. Which seat had a rf weight limit of 32 lbs?
a. original RA
b. Baby Safe
c. Advantage
d. Elite

9. Which auto manufacturer currently sells Britax seats under their brand name?

10. The first Britax seat to have HUGS was:
a. King
b. Marathon
c. Expressway
d. Freeway

11. Which of these seats came in more than 1 fabric choice?
a. Baby Safe
b. Expressway ISOFIX
c. Advantage
d. Galaxy

12. Which was a prototype that never made it to the market?
a. Handle With Care with base
b. Roundabout with 6-point harness
c. StarRiser/Comfy with anti-submarine strap
d. Wizard with anti-rebound bar

13. A unique feature of the Britax King is:
a. Double hook tether
b. 6-point harness
c. Hinged shell
d. Higher-weight harness

14. The difference between the Freeway and the Freway Plus was:
a. tether strap
b. lock-off
c. rf weight limit
d. LATCH attachments

15. The first version of the Super Elite did NOT have:
a. recline bar
c. splitter plate
d. all of the above

16. Which was never a cover for the RA?
a. Fiesta
b. Flower Power
c. Patches
d. Sandstone

17. The prototype Companion was named:
d. None of the above

18. How many harnessed seats has Britax made that were ff only? Name them.

19. The first Britax booster to be rated to 100 lbs was:
a. Roadster
b. Monarch
c. BodyGuard
d. Cruiser

20. Which Britax convertible had a “super recline mode” for rf?
a. Handle With Care
b. Wizard
c. Galaxy
d. Elite

What your SCORE says about you:

0-45 points: You’re a novice but there’s still hope. Have a drink and vow to learn more Britax trivia in 2009!

50-65 points: Not bad but have a drink and make a resolution to brush up on your Britax trivia in 2009!

70-85 points: Pretty darn good! Pat yourself on the back and have a drink!

90-100 points: You know more about Britax seats than the people who run Britax. Have a drink and resolve to get a life in 2009!


Enjoy & Happy New Year!