Oops!  Apparently I’m THE photographer and forgot to hand off the memory card to Heather so she could use them for the latest news!  Unfortunately, I don’t have the notes, so I have to wing it on the commentary.  So, I’ll just post a few more images from the Dorel encampment.  Most exhibits at ABC Kids are booths you stroll past or open area exhibits with displays scattered around the floor to browse.  You wander in, look around, talk to the representatives and wander to the next one.  In contrast, Dorel really has an encampment.  If the neighboring convention of healthcare case managers decided to invade ABC Kids Expo, this is the place where you’d retreat to weather the siege.  It’s all the way at the very back of the seemingly mile-long trade show floor, making it difficult for the attackers to get there quickly.  It is surrounded on all four sides by high walls and has single, narrow, hidden entrance facing the back that is heavily guarded by sales, marketing and PR staff.  Here, you can see me attempting to scale the front wall, before we discovered the bridge over the moat on the opposite side.

The treasure kept within was worth the effort!  Here are a couple shots of the Safety 1st branded version of the Comfy Carry infant seat.  It’s 5″ bottom slots help it to fit the Huggable Images 4 lb. preemie doll at a budget price point:  The base has two recline positions, a spot to put a knee during installation and rounded corners above the belt path for leverage with your hand.  The carrier is also ultra-light, coming in at 5.8 pounds.

Here are the Essential Air Combiation seats (formerly known as the Rumi).  You can see the premium versions (left), standard versions, a cutaway showing the Flextech shell design and the top harness height measurement (right).  It’s actually about 16.75″ to the top setting, which is a hair above the opening you see in the fabric cover.  The lowest setting was about 12″.  Keep in mind these are prototypes and subject to minor changes before they ship.

Here are a couple shots of the BoostAir high back boster, including a view of the substantial energy absorbing foam liner behind the head and the Air Protect cushions:

In other news, Dorel has simplified the offerings of the onBoard 35 infant seat.  They’ve phased out the myriad of confusing previous versions of the standard onBoard that varied in terms of minimum weight ratings, infant padding, fabrics and base options.  Now, there will apparently be just a single version of the standard onBoard.  It will be rated from 4-35 pounds, will have the standard base and will have a partial set of infant/preemie inserts.  The onBoard 35 Air remains the same as before.  It will include the premium base, upgraded infant inserts and, of course, the Air Protect feature.  The standard and deluxe bases are cross compatible and can still be used with any onBoard 35 model.

Also, stay tuned for some new and improved offerings from Maxi Cosi next year.  They were not present at the show, but they sound like they will be very nice!  More photos from Dorel and others still to come.  I have to get ready to head out to the show for another round of appointments today, including a couple of brand new product announcements that we hope to be able to share!