What’s new from Britax at ABC Kids


Word has been circulating for a while, but it’s now official.  For those who lamented the lack of LATCH on the Britax Parkway SG, your wish is now granted with the new Britax Parkway SG-L (coming soon)!  The main new feature is a handy lower attachment system that is ultra easy to use.  You attach the premium connectors, then pull a single strap outward from either side.   No matter which side adjuster strap you pull, both of the attachment straps tighten with a pulley system inside!  When not in use, the lower attachments are stored under the base.  They’ve also raised the armrests slightly, perhaps to help with shoulder belt fit.  Plus, the armrests are now rubber over-molded and no longer have a fabric cover.  Finally, the’ve gone to a secure guard crotch strap with a single strap design, rather than the dual straps on the Parkway SG.  

We have a little more on Britax coming later, including an install tip and an update for those using the lockoffs on the new Britax convetibles along with information on some minor improvements to the Britax Chaperone.  Lots more from Heather and Kecia with the other manufacturers we visited a little later tonight.  I had hoped to upload the following video and get this blog posted while watching the football games today (Go Bears!), but I couldn’t get wireless access:-(


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