Remember that nasty ice storm that hit the northeast recently?  Unfortunately, we woke up the morning after to this sight.  I did hear a loud crash in the middle of the night and jumped out of bed but couldn’t see anything in the dark.  Well, at least it was the shed and not the house.  I’m thankful for that.  And I’m thankful that it’s all being covered by insurance.  Still, it’s a royal pain to deal with this mess so close to the holidays.  Now it’s 10* F and we’re buried under 15″ of snow with more in the forecast.  Sigh… I’m sick of winter already and it’s barely begun.  


PS – Marvin, the hardest working fish in the business, is taking a much-deserved break but he’ll be back in the new year.  Marvin wishes all his loyal fans a joyous holiday season and every happiness in the new year!