The Power of Women


I hope you will enjoy some inspirational poetry from my wife, who previously wrote some prose for the blog at the start of this year.  This poem was an entry for a contest Honda sponsored in conjunction with the Variety’s Power of Women Event, presented by Lifetime.  Unfortunately, since she is not a regular contributor to the blog, her entry on my behalf was not allowed.  So, I persuaded her to allow me to publish here, because I think she deserves credit just the same.  She really wrote a terrific poem, one that I’m sure would have been a top vote-getter on Facebook.  You can see the other entries on Honda’s Power of Women Facebook page.

~ The Power of Women ~

by Mimi Qunell

When I was little
I thought women’s power meant
Proving we were equal to the boys,
We could do anything a man could do
In heels, and backwards, and better.

And so I did.
Career woman, breadwinner
Athlete, volunteer,
And, oh yeah,
loving wife and mom of three.
And still that wasn’t enough.

Empty, frustrated, and wondering
Who it was I was fighting afterall,
I discovered my very tired and lonely self,
If I step outside this ripcurrent of my psyche,
What energy and light might emerge?

So, here I find myself
Mid-forties, laying down my shield and sword at last,
Discovering something amazing.
Flowy, spiritual, sexy, soft, and powerful

With no chip on my shoulder
And no cross to bear.
Finally discovering true love,
For myself
And for those around me.
And oh,
What mountains can be moved with that!


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