Vehicle Safety Quick Tip–Mirror Position


Did you know that there are optimal positions for your outside mirrors?  Most of us learn to drive thinking that as long as we glance in our side mirrors and can see the vehicles in the lanes next to us, we’re doing great.  But those mirrors serve a purpose to help us see in our blind spots.  Some vehicles have much larger blind spots than others and the mirrors can help us virtually eliminate the blind spots and avoid side swipes, or nasty horn honking at the very least.

So, what is optimal positioning for your side mirrors?  Position them so that you can only see a smidge of your vehicle in them.  Yep, you don’t need to see a chunk of your vehicle in the mirror—think about it.  Why would you?  If you don’t already have your mirrors in this optimal position and it’s hard for you to change suddenly, make the change gradually.  That’s what I had to do several years ago and it took me about a week of changing the mirrors a notch each day to get used to the new position.  Habits are hard to break, but if it keeps you from wiping someone out, hey, it’s worth it!


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