On our long drive to Lake Minnewaska, my mom said something about DS (5) in his carseat that I initially dismissed.  After all, she never used carseats for her kids and I think the extent of her experience driving our kids in her car was a Britax Laptop and a backless booster.  A while later, after reflecting upon it, I thought I should check something.  Of course, that check didn’t come until a lunch stop on our way back home a few days later.  Everyone else was still eating and I remembered that I wanted to check it, so I did.  Sure enough, mom was right!

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a critical error, all things considered.  Even so, it was definitely a mistake.  What did I do wrong?

No, there aren’t a lot of clues but I will add some later if no one gets it!  Sorry no giveaway this time, it’s just for fun!  Feel free to guess at will.