I’ve heard people in the CPS community talk about burnout.  I’m aware that it exists and I know it happens to many technicians and advocates.  They start off all gung-ho but then they do too much, too often and they just get burned out.   

But I have to say – there’s no sign of burnout here.  I’ve been heavily involved in CPS for about 9 years and I’m still in love with it all.  For me, it just never gets old.   That elated giddiness that I used to feel before a big check event is gone but the passion is still as strong as ever.   Helping parents and caregivers keep their kids safe and sharing my knowledge is such a rewarding feeling for me.  I just can’t imagine that I’d ever want to stop doing this in the future.  DH thinks I’m addicted.  I think he may be right but I don’t want to be “cured”!  LOL!


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