Do you own a Graco TurboBooster?  You know, one of the most popular boosters sold on the market right now or in recent history?  If so, STOP what you’re doing!  Run down to the car and check the armrests to see if you installed the screws when you put the booster together.  If you say, “Huh? What screws?” then you know that you never did and you must call Graco for a set of screws to anchor the armrests down so the seat will perform as it should in a crash.  Since the armrests act as false hips on the TurboBooster (highback or backless, either model), they must be installed securely with the provided screws.  If you don’t have the screws in your car seat parts box (doesn’t everyone have a car seat parts box?), then give Graco a call at 800-345-4109 and tell them your model number and date of manufacture, which can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the booster.  As soon as those screws arrive and you install them, your little person will be riding in style and safety.