Lexus Family Safety Camp


How is this for awesome?  I got invited to go to the Lexus Family Safety Camp, held at the Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, CA, to learn about vehicle safety.  Some things I already know about, like ABS brakes (yep, used those on some of the few snowy days we’ve had here—pretty freaky when you’re not expecting it to kick in).  But other things, like vehicle stability control (VSC), brake override system, Bluetooth, and Lexus telematics I’ve read about but don’t understand because neither my Sienna nor my RX330 have them.

So, Lexus is flying me down to California so I can test drive vehicles with these features at the Rose Bowl parking lot (yay!).  I’ll get to talk with my friend Stephanie Tombrello of SafetyBeltSafe USA about child passenger safety and Janette Fennell of, who is dedicated to reducing injury and death to children in and around vehicles.  For each person who attends the camp, Lexus is making a donation so that low-income, inner-city kids can enjoy the Kidspace Children’s Museum, which is located next to the Rose Bowl.

I’ll tweet my way through the event and take lots of pictures as I go.  Camp Lexus will also be videotaping, so you’ll all get to see how dorky I look as I drive ;).


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