You’ve been waiting for it with bated breath.  The Solution X-Fix booster seat giveaway!  So, what do you have to do?  Solve this three-across problem in a Yaris …  Just kidding 🙂 .  Entry is very simple: visit http://ht.ly/1Fdun and read about a benefit or cool feature of the X-Fix booster, then come back and leave a comment.  You may enter daily, but only your first comment per day will count.  The contest starts today, May 3, and ends Friday, May 14, at 3p EDT. 

You’ll have an extra chance to win an X-Fix if you tweet this sentence: Find #thesolution to booster seats with the @cybexbaby Solution X-Fix http://ht.ly/1Fdun .

Good luck!

Thank you to Regal Lager, Inc. for providing CarseatBlog.com with the Solution X-Fix booster seat for the contest!

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