Today, I was searching ebay to find a couple small gold coins for my kids to donate to the Salvation Army.  In the process, I discovered the Microsoft Live Cashback program.  I got a 30% rebate on my two purchases by using Live Search to find ebay auctions, using Buy-It-Now and paying with Paypal!  You have to follow the instructions, but it worked for me and I see both credits as pending in my Microsoft Live account.

I’m sure many of our deal savvy readers already knew about this.  For those who didn’t, have fun with your holiday shopping on ebay!  Here’s How:

Microsoft Live Cashback

Be sure to read the “How To” and “FAQ” links on the page linked above first.  When done correctly, you will see the Microsoft logo and Cashback image at ebay when you click Buy-It-Now for a purchase, before the next step where you commit to buy.  Ebay will then put up a link with terms, conditions and instructions about how to make your first purchase and how to setup your Microsoft Live account or link to an existing one.  Follow them and you are good to go!