Beautiful Weather–Spring Cleanup


In between the wind storms–we had a freak windstorm pop up at my dd’s baseball game the other night where in less than 10 minutes it went no wind to 5 mph to 50 mph (you try grabbing 3 folding chairs, a dog on a leash, a baseball equipment bag, plus a Saltwater Canvas shower bag filled with drinks and running to the van whilst being pelted by sand–fun!)–the weather has been beautiful lately.  Beautiful weather brings lots o’ weeds after an atypical rainy winter, so I’ve been out this weekend pulling weeds and making the front yard look nice.  All the leaves in the neighborhood had blown up next to my front door too, so I swept those out and down my front steps into the street for the street sweeper to clean away.  Have to make the house tidy for my latest visitor set to come this week!  Don’t want Mr. UPS to get his sneaks dirty when dropping off the most important package 😉 .


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