Well, the Olympics are done and overall it was a memorable competition. The athletes were phenomenal and awe-inspiring. But you know what? CPS Techs and advocates can be phenomenal and awe-inspiring too. I mean c’mon – those curling “athletes” got nothing on us! Have they ever wrestled with a rear-facing Radian and a locking clip and won? Found a way to fit 3 seats side-by-side in a pre-LATCH Neon? Installed a Century SmartMove rear-facing in a mid 90’s Saturn? I think not.  

So, what are your greatest Olympic-worthy carseat installation moments? You know what I’m talking about – those moments of sweet triumph when all your blood, sweat and tears (not to mention all your mad skills) pay off. Those moments when you smile, pat yourself on the back and think to yourself “Damn, I’m good”.  😉