Greetings from Lake Minnewaska


Sunset at Peter\'s ResortIt’s not as exciting CPS-wise as the Kidz In Motion conference or the ABC Kids Expo, but the sunsets sure are better!  The view was great from our doorstep at Peter’s Resort, though I had zero luck (ok, skill) with catching my son the “big one” he wanted.  Of course, his 6 year old cousin caught one…  Anyway, I’m taking a week long break from carseats while taking my mom to a mini family reunion.  10 hours is a long drive, but it was made easier since my only tag-along was 3-year old DS riding in his Britax Frontier.  Beyond that, I only thought about child passenger safety once.  That was when DS and I rode unrestrained (gasp!) for a mile in the caboose of the Glenwood Express while my cousin towed it to the Waterama kiddie parade…  Don’t tell anyone!  And yes, he was wearing a life preserver when he flipped off the innertube while we were boating.  He was crying when he came up, because he thought his turn would be over and he wanted to go back on the tube!  We won’t tell mom about that!



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