Need a Holiday Gift Idea for Your SO? (Or a hint for yours!)


We splurged a bit on DW’s birthday present this fall.  I usually come up with something creative, but this year I had nothin’.  So, I opted for an old fallback I hadn’t used in maybe 10 years.  Jewelry.  With some subtle guidance from me, DD picked out a trendy pearl Yvel necklace.  It was a bit more than I intended to spend, but it was *perfect* for her .  Plus, DD would be very pleased to say she selected it.  Problem is, how could I possibly top that?

Let’s see.  Mom is in town for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we have a very rare offer for an overnight babysitter.  So,  I thought I’d try to find a reasonably priced hotel near what we recently dubbed “Our Restaurant” after a third visit in about a year.   The next problem was, last time I tried, rooms anywhere in walking distance were $300 and up, if one was available at all:-(

I had another option.  She loves to get in her swimming workout on weekends.  She’s often sore afterward and hinted maybe a massage could make a gift idea.  Plus, low stress=minimal kids for the day, so maybe I’d just send her off to do her thing.

Well, after scouring for a hotel deal, I found a nice price match and upgrade offer for barely over $100 a night.  Must have been a big event or convention in town last time I tried.  Then, I came up with this.  Hopefully, there’s even a little in it for me at the end!

Well, it still may not be particularly creative, but I’m sure it will be appreciated.  Maybe it will give you an idea, too!  Also, I decided it wasn’t going to be a surprise, either.  Nothing to make it better than a couple weeks of anticipation, right?  Happy Mimi Day, dear!

Now to come up with something to unwrap at gift giving time!


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