Too old for a booster? Says who?


This isn’t a full review, but I wanted to share our experience with the original Britax Frontier model in booster mode.  In short, we love it :).  This is Karsten last summer, he was almost 12, about 90 pounds, and about 60 inches tall.  That’s the top listed height limit for the original Frontier model.  He’s a fairly average sized tween, and actually had  just started to fit safely in the adult seatbelt in the captain’s chairs (Passing the 5-step test: Bum all the way back in the seat, knees bent comfortably at the edge of the seat,  lapbelt low on the hips, shoulderbelt in the middle of the shoulder, and sitting that way the entire time.  I also add my own requirement, that kids’  feet be flat on the floor, so that way they don’t feel the need to scootch forward and rest their feet, causing the belt to fit higher on the abdomen.  Maybe some kids can sit perfectly the entire ride with their feet dangling, but not mine!).

Both the original Frontier and the new Frontier 85 model can be fully LATCHed into place in booster mode (Lower anchors plus top tether is allowed, though not required) to hold it in place when it’s not occupied.  It it has ample depth for leg support, is wide and tall for kids with wider shoulders, and this model has flip out cupholders (the new Frontier 85 has integrated cupholders).  But the number one reason he loves sitting in it is that it has head support.  If you’ve ever wished for a way to comfortably relax in the car and lean your tired head to the side for a snooze, you know exactly what I mean.   Maybe one day, cars will have adjustable-wing headrests, like some airplane seats have had for years now.  Until then, I’m glad Britax offers such a tall booster with so much comfort for very tall kids.

Oh, and yes, he has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  If anyone really wants to rough him up for sitting in a baby seat, they’d better watch out 😉


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