Wishful Thinking


Shelle's Dead-CowYesterday I was talking to a friend whose DS is close to outgrowing his current seat and he’ll need to move into his big sister’s Cowmooflage Marathon soon.  Big sister is going to need a new harnessed seat (she’s only 4) but mom was hoping she could get something bigger than the MA but still in that same Cowmoo pattern.  I had to tell her that at the moment, such a seat does not exist (except in photoshop ~ thanks Shelle!).  However, it got me thinking… 

If you could have ANY seat in ANY pattern – what would it be?  Personally, my boys and I love blue so I’d like a Summer Breeze (plaid cotton Roundabout cover), Hampton (striped Decathlon cover) or maybe a Midnight Sky (blue/black Recaro cover) for the Regent.  Yes, I realize the Regent has been discontinued but since this is all about wishful thinking, I wish they would change their mind and keep it in production. 

Summer Breeze RADC_HamptonRecaro_Midnight_Sky

Really, I’d be happy with any truly boyish (not just gender neutral) cover on any good seat.  I’ve lamented in the past about how CR manufacturers seem to ignore boys (and parents of boys) when they chose cover options for any particular seat.  Yes, I know retailers make the final decisions on which cover options they want to carry but if manufacturers don’t offer cool boy covers then retailers can’t even chose whether or not they want to carry them.  But I digress… 

So, what would you wish for if you could have any existing cover pattern on your CR of choice?


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