A Critical Safety Device


Obviously, we think child safety seats are very important for protecting your children from their #1 killer, motor vehicle crashes.  There’s another safety feature just as critical and it helps protect the whole family.  It’s the one you probably never think about until it’s too late: your tires.  Especially in winter months with rain and snow common in most areas, they are even more important.  Making sure your tires have adequate tread depth and air pressure is something you should check right now.  Don’t wait until you start sliding off the road or get a blowout.  A tire that is half worn may have tens of thousands of good miles left on dry pavement, but it will lose a lot of rain and snow traction compared to a new tire with full tread.  If you live in a very rainy or snowy area, you might even consider new tires before  you get to the treadwear indicators.  And don’t forget that proper inflation not only helps for safety, but also for fuel economy!

Here is some basic information from the NHTSA on tire safety.  Also, Edmunds has a good article on tire fundamentals.  These are a great read if you haven’t thought about your tires in a while.  Good quality tires in good condition can help make sure that you never have to depend on your child safety seats or seat belts!