She Passes Wind


Remember that Gas-X commercial where the line goes, “Your son Rip is on line toot”?  It’s a sensitive subject for many of us, but it can be especially sensitive for those of us who install car seats because of, well—isn’t it obvious?—our bums are usually smack in someone’s face as we work and they watch to learn.  If you’ve dared to have Mexican food, or an unusual amount of a tasty effervescent libation that day, chances are you’re in trouble when you go to help someone get their car seat installed.  They may watch to learn, but sight is not the only sense they may get to use.

Thus I found myself the other day after school when a friend graciously offered to take my kids to a local restaurant for dinner.  What?  Why yes, please take my children!  Have fun!  I suggest you order a strong drink for yourself while you have dinner with five crazy kids by yourself (my two, her two, and another youngin’).  And then it hit me.  I didn’t have a spare booster for my dd to use.  Man!  I’d have to install her Frontier in my friend’s Tahoe.  Dangnabbit!  So I grab the Frontier, head over to her Tahoe, and heft it up.  All of the kids are inside rarin’ to go and I set about trying to get it installed.  Uh oh.  You know the feeling.  Tight space . . . people all around . . . lots of tasty effervescent libation enjoyed during the day.  Aw man—not now!  And of course, my friend is *right there* behind me, helping me by holding the seat belt, while my bum is hanging out the door.  Feeling passes—whew!  Argh!  Seat belt’s not long enough for the long belt path install, so I try the short belt path.  Nope, too loose.  Scoot (rhymes with toot, you know) the seat over to the middle for LATCH and my friend’s daughter is behind me sitting on the console in the front.  Did I mention how claustrophobic the car felt?  Oh no, not again!  Tried doing a little dance while installing the car seat so the wind wouldn’t pass.  I just would never live it down if it happened in an SUV full of three 8-9 year olds and two 6 year olds.  Believe me, you’ve never seen a Frontier installed so fast 😀 .  Fortunately, I was able to save my reputation as a freshly scented mom, at least in public.

Surely I’m not the only one who has, um, nearly embarrassed herself while installing a car seat.  C’mon, roll down the windows and fess up.  And join me in singing this lovely line to the tune of “She’s Like the Wind”, “She passes wind . . .”


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