CPS Burnout.  Is there a cure?

So, you’ve had it with CPS.  Why?

Maybe you’ve staffed your last information table where every parent asks when state law says their child can be out of a carseat, but doesn’t ask when it is safe for their child to be out of a carseat.

Maybe the coordinator of your local health department, hospital or Safe Kids program has finally dismissed your concerns for the last time and continues to put their own agenda above the agenda of keeping kids safe.

Maybe life has just thrown something more interesting or more important your way and you haven’t been able to find an excuse to get involved in child passenger safety again.

Maybe the parent on the forum who keeps asking the same question over and over has finally made it clear that they are not seeking to learn, but just to get justification for what they wanted to do in the first place.

Maybe you’re an instructor or senior checker and you’ve had it with the same technicians who make the same mistakes or give the same bad advice over and over each week, despite your wisdom.

Maybe your kids are no longer in child safety seats and you’ve just moved on to other causes and simply lost interest, even though you still feel you should be involved.

So, what are your reasons?

If you’ve had it and cured it, how did you do it?