Never-Ending Winter and a Follow-Up Review of the Buckle Me Baby Coat


I think this has been a rough winter for most states. I know I should feel grateful for getting a million inches of rain here in the South vs a million inches of snow everywhere else but man, my mud is even getting tired of itself. Just when we have a nice 70-degree day, it drops to 30 and we get freezing rain. It’s gray, it’s gloomy, it’s gross, and I’m just done. I’m also sick of the constant piles of jackets strewn about. One of our most used is the beloved red jacket from Buckle Me Baby Coats. Dahlia with BMBC (Buckle Me Baby Coats) reached out to me earlier to see how we were doing with our coat. We love it! In case you missed it, I did a full review on our BMB Coat here. In a nutshell, it’s a nifty car seat safe coat that closes OVER the harness of your car seat instead of under them.

Declan is now 5 years old and about 43 inches and 35 lbs and our jacket still fits! He no longer has any growing room but hey, we got two seasons out of it! As you can see below, he’s still rocking it. He’s currently riding in a harnessed seat, but I took a picture of him in my 8-year old’s booster to show how this type of jacket will continue to grow with him as he moves up in stages of safety seats.

This is his big brother’s booster and the photo was taken entirely for the purpose of showing how the coat works in a booster seat. Declan is still riding in a harnessed seat.

So what’s new over at BMBC? Well, they have two new fashions! They are limited edition and include a cozy sherpa lining and a hood! You can see them below. “Hello Cupcake” is a super cute blush color and “Tornado” is the exact color you’d expect with a name like that—a really nice slate gray. Get them here on the BMBC website!

Lastly, as of this past fall, they have a trade up program! If you donate an outgrown BMBC, you receive a $20 credit toward the purchase of a new one. If you donate a regular coat, you get a $10 credit. Quality coats can be pricey, so the credits are a great way to offload some of that cost! They also offer a preorder program to order ahead for next season, and change your size any time before it’s delivered, if needed. The donated BMBC are given to local children in wheelchairs and the traditional coats are donated to refugee children from Syria. Such a great way to ensure your kids aren’t the only ones to benefit from your purchase.

All coats can be found on the BMBC website:

Thank you again, Dahlia, for keeping us warm and safe for another winter. <3

I received no compensation from BMBC and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.