Hello.  My name is Kecia and I have a serious problem.  I find it nearly impossible to resist a good deal on anything carseat related.  The worst part of this problem is that half of the time I buy things that I don’t actually need.  Sometimes I buy things that I don’t even want!  My friends are no help whatsoever since they tend to be as bad as I am. 

Today is the perfect example.  Britax has a couple of their covers on clearance for $25!  They don’t have anything on sale that I really want or need – so why am I having such a hard time resisting?  Yes, Ashley Floral is my favorite girly MA cover but I don’t have a MA and I don’t have any girls!  I do have a Husky and a Regent but I never really cared for the Sahara cover. So why, why, why do I have  an Ashley Floral and a Sahara cover in my shopping cart???  Help!  Someone talk me down – PLEASE!