Ask Marvin: Marathon Misprice Madness & Giveaway


Marvin missed you all on Monday.  So, today, Marvin answers one of hundreds of questions pouring in about Target’s recent fiasco with mispriced Marathons.

“Hi Marv.  Did you get one of those $42 Britax Marathons?  Please tell us you did and will be giving some away in a contest!  Can you believe Target cancelled my order? I am so p1$&3D! – Signed, Peeved Pamela”

Hi Pam.  Yes, Marvin did get in early on the Target deal and received 206 Marathons in both styles this morning!  No, Marvin will not be giving them away.  Instead, he will be selling them just below full price on ebay and craigslist to fund his spawning center, of course!

Yes, Marvin can still help you.  Marvin recommends you start by complaining about the great harm caused to you over at Car-Seat.Org!  Then, go on the offensive and attack anyone you think might be reacting to your posts a little too harshly.  What do they know! For all the money you spent and hours of work you did to place the order, you sure deserve to be heard where it will make a difference!  Be sure to outline your steps for prompt legal (or illegal) actions against Target!  Just the emotional hardship alone should be grounds for some type of punitive damage award!

On the flip side, for those of you lucky enough to get in on the deal like Marvin, be sure to fuel those threads by bragging about your great fortune!  Nothing like getting in a few digs at all those complainers!  Plus, those annoying moderators and regulars will be so busy handling the dozens of reported posts every hour, they won’t even notice you spamming to sell your Marathons outside the Swap forum!

Just a lurker who has been biding your time to get a rise out of all the moms on the forums?  Be sure to post some sagely wisdom about the whole fiasco as an unregistered guest!  Everyone will certainly appreciate it!

Seriously, Marvin thinks that at the very least, the folks at Target should help Marvin out with some giveaways for all the grief they’ve caused Marvin’s readers and all the members and moderators over on the forums!

Marvin’s Giveaway Corner:

To ease your pain, Marvin’s friends at Let’s Go Strolling have again come to Marvin’s rescue with a generous giveaway!  (Thank you!)  Please support them if you are looking for a great deal on a stroller or accessories.  This time, it’s the OnTray Shopping Cart Tray in the winner’s choice of color!

Marvin is told it is, “another great “mom-invented” product that makes shopping with kids just a little bit easier – we all love that! The OnTray simply attaches to your shopping cart handle (also works with a shopping cart seat cover) and frees up your hands for other tasks. It’s a perfect place to store snacks, toys, or crayons and also encourage your child’s independence.

You’ll find you even use it on those shopping occasions without kids since it safely holds your cell phone or a small wallet. You can use it in numerous places and situations such as shopping, recreation and leisure, because the compact design makes it easy to keep OnTray in your purse, diaper bag, etc.

Best of all, it’s plastic is BPA free so you shouldn’t have any safety worries about putting food in it for your baby!”

Marvin’s friend Jo at Let’s Go Strolling says, ““The OnTray shopping cart tray is BPA free and makes it so much easier to go shopping with my daughter.  She’s busy picking Cherrios out of her snack tray instead of grabbing all the items off the shelf!  We’re both happy at the end of our grocery outings now!”

 All you need to do is to reply with a comment to enter!  One entry per person.  If you make more than one comment, only the first one will count.  A winner will be selected at random on Thursday morning!



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