And I’ve been a technician for 8 ½ years and an instructor for 3 years!  How can I show my face in public again?  How can I possibly go on professionally?  What is it that I’ve done, you ask?  What could be so horrible?  You’re probably guessing at this point that I’ve been putting a locking clip on a lap-only belt (Hey!  I’m the one with the locking clips web page!).  Nope, not that one.  Nor have I been installing restraints with the clip-on style LATCH connectors upside down.  Nope.

I have been spelling “car seat” as two distinctly separate words.  Evidently that is the WRONG way to do it.  Some background for you as tospellchecker how I suddenly had an epiphany about spelling the word “carseat”.  (Aha!  See, even my MS Word spellchecker thinks carseat is spelled incorrectly!  I’ll have to fix that, I suppose.)  I’m on my state’s CPS task force.  It’s basically a think tank for all issues related to child passenger safety in our state.  We’ve been tasked to create a curriculum to train our highway patrol officers, so our education subcommittee did just that.  As a group we edited it, then I took over to re-edit and make some more changes.  As I went through it, I noticed inconsistencies in the spelling of “car seat” and “carseat.”  So, I polled my tech friends and found that I was the only one of many who spelled it as 2 words.  Sigh.  I’ve seen it spelled lots of times as a single word, but I’m stubborn and right most of the time, lol, and, well, you get the drift.  So, I’ll eat a piece of humble pie and spell it the way the rest of you do. 

Then, as I went on through the curriculum, wouldn’t you know: belt positioning booster.  OK, so how do you spell it?  Belt positioning booster or belt-positioning booster?  I went with the hyphenated version in the curriculum, but darn, I’m lazy and I’m not gonna hyphenate if I don’t have to 😀 .

Change is so hard, don’t you think?  You’ll have to give me a break if I slip and spell carseat as 2 words.  Perhaps I should just stick with “restraint” from here on out 😉 .