Our first ABC bag giveaway winner will be selected a bit later today.  In the mean time, I completely forgot to mention that the Leeny and Tamara CDs we will be including in some of our gift bag giveaways includes the song, “Put on My Seat Belt.”   They’ve kindly allowed us to include the song here (click the link below to hear it).  Enjoy!

Leeny and Tamara: Put On My Seat Belt



Climbing in the back seat
Safety first, before you turn the key
Listen for the click
Make it nice and tight
When everybody’s buckled up
We’ll drive, drive, drive, drive, drive

Put on my seat belt
Put on my seat belt
Put on my seat belt
We’re goin’ for a ride

Driving through our neighborhood
Singing songs, strapped in and feeling good
Waving to our friends
Passing by the school
Check it Mr. Traffic Cop
I’m cool, cool, cool, cool, cool


Buckle up, buckle up
Every single time
Buckle up, buckle up
Or the driver will get fined
Buckle up, buckle up
That’s what my seat belt’s for
Buckle up, buckle up
It’s safe and it’s the law

Making lefts and making rights
Counting trucks and following the signs
A red light means stop
A yellow light means slow
Everybody knows a green means
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go