New from Peg Perego – Primo Viaggio Kinetic Convertible & Shuttle Plus 120 Highback Booster

News and Updates from the 2018 JPMA Baby Show

Overall the trend in carseats for 2018-2019 is ease-of-use and technology. We saw that in abundance at the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Baby Show this year. From mobile apps that tell you if your child has unbuckled their chest clip to QR codes that help you register your carseat and get installation help, to new seats with anti-rebound features, there were plenty of new and updated products on the show floor this year.

2018 Peg Perego Updates

Primo Viaggio Kinetic Convertible 

This new convertible from Peg is based on the current Primo Viaggio Convertible but adds additional safety features such as an anti-rebound bar (ARB) and “Kinetic” pods for enhanced side-impact protection on the sides of the shell. The ARB folds and stores underneath the carseat for when it’s not needed (forward-facing) and includes an optional spacer which increases legroom by 2”. There’s also a cup holder which can be used on either side of the carseat. Harness pads are now shorter and softer and attach with snaps instead of Velcro. There is a tri-stage infant cushion to improve small infant fit.

Rear-facing 5-45 lbs; forward-facing 22-65 lbs

Available: Summer 2018

MSRP: $429-$480


Shuttle Plus 120 Booster 

The Peg Shuttle Plus 120 Booster is a hybrid product which combines their Shuttle backless booster (which features rigid LATCH attachments) with the back of their Flex booster. The back portion of the Flex 120 has separate adjustments for the height and the torso wings so it can be adjusted as tall/wide/narrow as you need it to be.

Available: Early Summer 2018

MSRP: $280-$300

Shuttle Plus 120 (center) compared with existing Peg booster models – Viaggio Flex 120 (left) and the original Viaggio HBB 120 (right).


Viaggio Flex 120 (left) & Shuttle Plus 120 (right) side-by-side:


Stay tuned for additional details once these new products are available!

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