Today, Marvin recycles some content from old blogs with a new twist or two, in response to another real question from a live Blog reader (who gets a rep click for the contribution)!

“Dear Marvin,
I am a 32 year old mom and retired lawyer. My husband just got a promotioned to head of neurosurgery at the hospital and needed a car for his new position. We purchased a BMW M6, with GPS, satellite sound, heated seats, heated mirrors, iris scan security and other safety features. However, the Plunko 510 carseat my cousin’s best friend gave us eight years ago when our oldest son was born does not fit very well in our new car. It still fits great forward-facing in our Mercedes G55 AMG, but we will obviously need a new seat for our 20lb 12-month old in the new car. Can you recommend a seat that will install well in the BMW M6 for our 12-month old? It’s black, with black interior, so we’ll need something that will match…but money is a bit tight right now because we had to buy a new car so I can only afford to spend $50 on a new seat, at most. Perhaps I should look on eBay or Craigslist for an inexpensive used seat instead? – Signed, Nikki Niggard.”
Hi Nikki, Marvin knows how hard it is to afford a quality child restraint in these troubled economic times. You’d think that with a trillion dollars of free money floating around, there’d be a few bucks in it for people in your situation to help keep your precious, future taxpayer safe! Marvin thinks that your priorities are not in the right place. Next time you shop for a vehicle, perhaps you could possibly consider the regularly aspirated non-AMG Mercedes. You can then use the extra cash to contribute to some political campaigns. That’s the best way to get a piece of that 1 trillion dollar pie! It’s money well invested with a high potential of solid returns. Another option, since you are a retired lawyer, is that you could probably find placement on the board of directors at a marginal, local bank. When it fails, you’ll get a massive golden parachute from the government and you should have enough left over for a new child restraint [after you buy a couple more retirement properties from the foreclosure lists]!
In the mean time, ebay is definitely a good option.  Marvin knows that lots of people at Car-Seat.Org can help you find something suitable from ebay!
Marvin’s Fishy Giveaway Corner:
This week’s prize is the Car Seat Monitor, provided by Cars-N-Kids. Maybe handy for that forgetful spouse or caregiver!
This week’s contest is to help Nikki find a suitable auction on ebay. Preferably, it should meet Nikki’s requirements, but Marvin isn’t the judge of what is acceptable, this time.  Each person may enter by replying with one comment that has one link to an ebay auction you think will fit the bill for Nikki! All comment entries must be made by the end of Monday, November 3rd (that’s midnight PST).

Then, on Tuesday, Marvin will hold a vote at Car-Seat.Org to determine the winner! In the spirit of the season, cheating is not only allowed, but encouraged! So, Marvin will look the other way and you can create your own phony ebay auction, stuff the ballot boxes from your other accounts (the ones you use to bump your rep) or payoff other Car-Seat.Org members to vote for your link!  Marvin will be the final judge in the case of any discrepancy, but you’re welcome to send him some fishy pellets to sway his decision in the case of a tie or other dispute!
Before you vote for a contest winner, please vote in the national elections first (if you are registered to vote in the elections in the USA)! Marvin doesn’t endorse a candidate, but reminds you that there are more than two choices. Most states have candidates from parties like the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, Reform Party and Independents as well. You may also be able to write in candidates, like Marvin! Whatever you do, please take the time to vote, whoever your choices may be! Even if you don’t think it will make one bit of difference, at least it gives you the constitutionally protected right to complain about politics and politicians for the next 4 years!