Halloween treats and a little something extra too


Halloween is a great holiday for kids and I know many adults who still enjoy it as much as the kids do.  But Halloween is also to great opportunity to reach the children and their parents in your neighborhood.  Along with that treat, consider  handing out a little something extra too.  There is a lot of emphasis on “Halloween Safety” so put a little CPS spin on it!  Here are a few ideas for possible handouts:

The 5-Step Test flyer from SafetyBeltSafe, USA:  www.carseat.org/Boosters/630.htm

The rear-facing brochure from CPSafety:  http://www.cpsafety.com/PDFfiles/RearFacingBrochure.pdf

My “Top 10 Tips” handout: top-10-tips-for-keeping-kids-safe-halloween-handout     Feel free to use this one if you want to.  You can include your name, title and contact info at the bottom if you’re a CPS technician.   You can also easily tweak it to use for other situations.

If you have CPS business cards, attach one to your handout.  If you don’t, you can always just handwrite your contact info.     

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!






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