2017 Lifesavers Conference Highlights


Baby Trend:

Newborn/preemie positioning insert now available. New BabyTrend infant seats will ship with this extra insert made from EPP foam in a separate bag (with instructions). Seats that come with the insert will be rated down to 4 lbs. since the insert will provide better harness fit on smaller babies.



Beginning in July, all ClickTight convertible carseats will be shipping with the harness hip straps on the longer setting. The updated manuals will instruct parents using the convertibles for infants less than 11 lbs. to change the harness length to the shorter loops on the ends.

Frontier and Pinnacle Harness-2-Booster seats will also see an update this summer as a new LATCH storage panel is included to keep the lower connectors out of the way of the ClickTight panel.

Red stitching on the rip-stitch tether on the right side of the top back of the carseats will now be visible. As long as it isn’t frayed, pulled apart, or visibly broken, this is normal.


More Fit2 fashions coming in July when it goes to other retailers (currently Fit2 is a BRU exclusive).

Luxe” fashions on KeyFit Zip, NextFit IX Zip & KidFit Zip has leatherette punched trim.


NextFit IX shipping now; 9-position headrest (same bottom and top harness heights but each position is a smaller increment); new slide-style lockoffs


Monterey booster has been updated. Now shares the same base as Cambria booster. It has a 6 year expiration; manual has a misprint showing 8 years in one place. MSRP $99.99


Finale combination seat arriving late summer/fall 2017

30-65 lbs. with harness; 40-100 lbs. in booster mode
Harness slots: 13″, 15″, 17″; buckle slot 6″
17″ wide at base, 18″ wide at shoulders
Will be available at Target & Walmart. $49-$59



Cybex Sirona M Convertible: ETA is currently Fall 2017. See our preview HERE.


ALL Evenflo seats are now Rollover Tested!

Lyf+Guard SIP now available on 3 seats:

SensorSafe Technology now available on 3 seats:


SnugRide SnugLock models now widely available; different models have different price-points

2 styles of SnugLock bases; both function really well; SnugLock feature on both base styles act as a lockoff


Cruiser 3 booster is now available at BuyBuyBaby. Coming soon to Babies R Us. MSRP $259.99. Original CruiserFix Pro model (now called Kiddy Cruiser 1) is still available for $229.99. Preview of this awesome new Cruiser 3 model is HERE. Heather is 5’6″ the fact that she can kinda sorta still fit in there gives you an idea of how tall this booster really is at its max height. It’s rated to 63″ and that’s realistic!



MESA in “Henry” will be available in the next few weeks. Henry is a merino wool blend cover that is naturally flame retardant. It’s a soft cover—not “wool-y” at all. We have a preview HERE.




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