We will have more updates on today’s news, but to start, some videos from Kiddy and Cybex.  Both have models that should arrive by the first quarter of 2010.  For Kiddy, it’s an infant seat with a rigid LATCH base (more on the World Plus Booster later this week!). 


For Cybex, it’s a high back booster with rigid LATCH (they also have an infant seat coming to the USA).


Sunshine Kids had their wall of fashions:

Sunshine Kids Monterey FashionsSunshine Kids Radian Fashions





Russ reiterated to us what Kecia said in her blog yesterday: all Radians with SuperLATCH can be installed using the LATCH connectors in vehicles manufactured after 9/1/05.

And last, but not least, for those of you who want more Parkway SG fashions, here’s the Pink Sky cover we mentioned in out Tweet earlier:

 Britax Parkway SG Pink Sky

More news tomorrow!  We have a lot of stuff to cover!