Today, Marvin answers another genuine email he received from a real live emailer!

“Heya Marv, how’s it goin’? As a concerned Father, I want to make sure that my child is safe, so I was surprised when this nosey lady in the car seat aisle told me that I can’t use both LATCH and a seatbelt the same time to secure my DS’s car seat. I mean, two are always better than one right? What if the seatbelt were to fail? I saw that sad Kyle Miller video. If the seatbelt were to fail, I’d have the LATCH to back it up, and vice versa. Redundancy and having a back up plan has always been the best way to go. Right? So what’s the big deal? Why can’t I use both LATCH and a seatbelt at the same time to install my DS’s seat?Β – Signed, Smartypants Sal.”

Hi Sal. Marvin can spot a case of SDS (Skeptical Dad Syndrome) from a mile away. I mean, carseats aint rocket science, right? Marvin knows what you’re getting at with your question. Clearly, having that fail safe system seems like the way to go. What possible reason other than some irrational fear of liability could auto and child restraint manufacturers have for not allowing this? Well, Marvin’s attorney has advised him not to directly answer that question.

Instead, Marvin will focus on the more important issue. Manliness. What real man wants to be messing around for hours on a Sunday afternoon getting TWO separate installation methods properly tightened to his wife’s specifications? Just getting approval on one or the other could take about a dozen attempts before she sends you off in her pink minivan to a fitting station or carseat event to make sure you still didn’t screw it up. With Marvin’s proven method, there is no need for redundancy. If you’re still not convinced and want to miss your tee time, you can technically use Marvin’s Method along with the other two. As a triple bonus, Marvin’s method will hide any pesky misuse issues from both your wife and that nosey lady! And remember, REAL MEN always use aftermarket accessories.

Sorta Safe,


Smashingly Silver-”

The DuctInstall ™. Please check your child restraint and vehicle owner’s manuals for compatibility information!

Warning: The stunts in this blog were performed by professional stunt children, so neither you nor your dumb buddies should attempt anything from this blog!


Marvin’s Fishy Giveaway

Marvin would like to congratulate last week’s winner, Wineaux. Marvin isn’t real fond of Wineaux, because he suggested that Marvin might make good sushi, and Marvin is pretty sure he didn’t mean that Marvin could prepare good sushi… Even so, Wineaux earned it this week and has selected the Blu Ray disc as his prize, Congratulations!

This week’s prize is a copy of Multiple Blessings, generously donated by our friend Bookmama. Marvin hopes this book can find a good home! The first person to reply with the correct answer to Marvin’s question wins the book! Here’s the question: Like how many yards of costume netting does it take to make a fairy costume? Marvin will be the final judge of the winner in the event of any unforseen circumstances that might indicate multiple winners.