We’ve known and loved the Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat for years but now there is an exciting new Chicco rear-facing only seat on the market, the Fit2 Infant & Toddler Seat, and you might be wondering how they compare to each other. We were wondering the same thing so here you go…

KeyFit 30 (left) & Fit2 (right) in Stage 1 infant position

KeyFit 30 and Fit2 in Stage 2 toddler position (headrest not extended)

KeyFit 30 & Fit2 in Stage 2 toddler position (headrest fully extended to max height setting)

Specs & Features Comparison:

Specs & Features

Chicco KeyFit 30

Chicco Fit2

Weight limit

4-30 lbs.

4-35 lbs.

Height limit

30″ tall

35″ tall

Harness positions



Buckle positions



Lockoffs on base

Center LATCH strap with SuperCinch

Push-on LATCH connectors

Liquid bubble level

EPS foam

Newborn insert

Fits preemies

FAA approved for airplane use

Can be installed without base

Allows European beltpath routing

2-Stage base


Adjustable headrest


No-rethread harness


1-hand handle adjustment


Anti-rebound bar on base


Lifespan before expiration

6 years

  6 years

Country of Origin



Measurement Comparison:



KeyFit 30


Lowest harness height (with newborn insert)

about 6″

about 6″

Tallest harness height



Maximum shell height



Buckle positions


4.5″, 6″

Width of carrier (at widest part)



Width of base (at widest part)



Carrier weight

9.6 lbs.

11 lbs.

Space in Vehicle Comparison:


In the Stage 1 infant setting, Fit2 is very similar to KeyFit 30 in the way it fits in the vehicle. In the Stage 2 toddler setting, you can see that Fit2 sits higher up on the base and the back of the adjustable headrest (when it’s at the maximum height setting) is up to the front seat’s head restraint. This more upright position is very similar to how a convertible seat fits in the vehicle.


Both the KeyFit 30 and the Fit2 Infant & Toddler Seat are safe, comfortable carseats that are easy to install correctly and easy to use properly. If you’re trying to decide between the two, let me assure you that you really can’t go wrong with either one. Fit2 is more versatile, has some additional features and will fit most kids until they reach age 2 but the KeyFit 30 is a popular and dependable infant seat that parents have loved and trusted for over a decade.

2-year-old in Chicco Fit2

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Currently, Fit2 is available at Amazon, BuyBuyBabyBabies R Us.

For more information on Fit2, including some great videos on installation and proper usage, check out the official Fit2 webpage: http://chiccofit2.com/