Hottest holiday gifts for the littlest CPS advocates


The onslaught of holiday catalogs has begun and already there are predictions of what the hot, in-demand gifts for kids are going to be this season.  After all, little kids don’t really understand the concept of a global financial crisis and economic indicators like retail sales and consumer confidence mean nothing to them.  Even if they’re old enough to understand that your 401K is now worth half of what it was worth a year ago – I doubt that would keep them from wanting the things they want.

But what do you get the littlest CPS geeks on your holiday shopping list?  You know, the little ones who role model best practice with their baby dolls and the older kids who know more about child passenger safety than the average pediatrician!  For these awesome kids here are the top CPS-related gifts of the 2008 holiday season:

“Future CPS Tech” clothing:  What better way to advertise the inevitable?  There are several different designs available on Cafepress.  Here are a couple of choices:

Joovy toy infant carseat with base for dolls.   It even comes with a LATCH attachment strap!  Available in pink and blue which is nice because boys like carseats for their dolls and stuffed animals too!   

Joovy forward-facing toy carseat for those dolls who exceed the rear-facing limits of the infant seat 😉   

For those future CPS advocates who really prefer the convenience of a travel system there’s this.

And for those who find it much more convenient to just sling their dolls when they’re not in the vehicle, there are these.

Finally, there’s this ultimate gift for female future advocates with a taste for the finer things in life!   

Happy Shopping!


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