Today, Marvin gets an earful on how to write a better, briefer blog.

“Dear Marv, no offense, I like your blog and its sorta funny sometimes and all, but I don’t have time to read a whole dang novel ranting about people on some forum I don’t even visit. Plus, your replies in bold make my eyes bug out of my head. What gives? – Your Best Bud, Bold Belinda.”

Hi Belinda-

Marvin promises to keep it shorter, sweeter and sans bold to save you from those expensive Advil, at least for this week! Up next, Marvin was given an actual question from a real live reader! He’s very happy he doesn’t have to make up all of his own this week!

Dear Marvin,

With gas prices increasing so much lately, my husband and I decided to downsize our vehicle. We’ve purchased a more economical vehicle, that is also better for our environment. We are very environmentally aware, and we are very proud of our decision to downsize our vehicle.

We are also very safety conscious and want to make the best decision on a carseat for our daughter. With a smaller vehicle, this could be a challenge. She is 4 years old, and weighs about 40lbs. Could you please recommend a carseat for our new Vento scooter? Thanks! Sincerely, Sarah Saver”

Hi Sarah! That’s one’s easy! Almost any carseat will work just fine, as long as you have this vital aftermarket installation accessory. Of course, you may want some practice before using your child as a guinea pig*, so this book may help!

Installing a Child Restraint on a Scooter

* Marvin does not recommend that you try this at home, at least not without the help and close supervision of a licensed, certified and very heavily insured DTS professional! This photo is for demonstration purposes only. Marvin advises that all children wear a helmet when riding on the back of a moped in their child restraint!

Marvin’s Fishy Giveaway:

Marvin is still soliciting for a giveaway partner/sponsor. In the mean time, this week’s winner gets their choice of the following. The first option is a copy of Multiple Blessings, generously donated by our friend Bookmama. Or, you may select a copy of American Psycho (Uncut version on Blu-Ray) that Marvin swiped from the pile of stuff on his person’s desk awaiting a listing on Carseat Swap. Poor Marvin doesn’t even have a nice diaper bag or tote to put them in, but they are both brand new! No whining if they are sent media mail and arrive next month!  Also, Marvin won’t be offended if the Blu Ray movie turns up on Swap anyway lol!

How do you win? This one is a little tougher than previous weeks, but it also lets Marvin be sole judge so there is no confusion. Marvin needs inspiration for future columns and giveaways! If you have a question for Marvin, please send it to marvin “at” carseatblog “dot” com. Whoever submits the question Marvin picks to answer next week wins their choice of prizes! In the case Marvin designates a runner-up for next week, they get the other prize. Other runners-up not selected for next week may be answered in future blogs, but receive no prize (except perhaps for a rep click at Car-Seat.Org), sorry!