It’s late at night and even the most die-hard nightowls are probably considering that soft slab of plushness called a bed.  Me too!  But I hear Matt sniffling, rather smarfling, as the kids have given us both raunchy colds and I think I’ll sit here on the couch for a wee bit longer.

So the kids have grown over the summer.  Most kids do grow.  It’s something we want our kids to do.  It’s a Good Thing as Martha Stewart would have us to believe.  We think they grow evenly, all over.  Their arms and legs and bodies grow the same rate at the same time.  Ah, but do they really?  My ds grew just over an inch and a half since the beginning of June while my dd grew an inch.  Their growth charts are hanging on the wall in the pantry so it’s easy to compare the two side-by-side.  Over the years, my ds has always grown more over the same time periods than my dd.  Interesting, at least to me.  Anyway, my ds grew proportionally for his body type: he’s got a tall torso, so that’s where he grew.  His poor little legs are never going to catch up, lol.  My dd still has awesomely long legs (and I speak from experience when I say she is going to have trouble for the rest of her life finding pants that fit!).  We had an arctic cold snap over the weekend and we realized that our winter clothes from last year for the kids didn’t fit in their problem areas–ds had no problems with his pants because they all fit.  My dd’s shirts all fit, but her pants came well above her ankles.  I love watching my little science experiments grow!  No wonder my dd still fits in an Alpha Omega at age 6 😉 .

Speaking of car seats (hey, was that AO enough of a segue?), I was thinking tonight about how much I dislike uninstalling/reinstalling my own car seats.  There was a question on the new BabyCenter the other day from a poster who wanted a car seat that was easy to move from one vehicle to another because she was going to be moving it frequently.  Well, of course we all told her she really should just buy 2 car seats.  I think parents get into this mindset when they have an infant seat with 2 bases that they still only need 1 car seat when the infant seat is outgrown.  I digress.  My comment to her was that I really don’t like to move my car seats that much.  I think it’s a PITA truth be told.  I guess it’s because most of the time my garage is 110° and stifling and it’s no fun to install a seat that way.  I don’t mind installing other people’s car seats at all, it’s just mine I don’t like to do.  And it’s not that they’re hard to do either.  I know my van and its tricks and can get seats installed quickly.  Do you know what I mean?  Surely there are car seat geeks that don’t like to install their own seats.  Boy that sounds bad.  We need a support group:  Car Seat Geeks Who Don’t Like to Install Car Seats.  🙂