As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I recently attended a regional CPS conference.  The conference was held in Atlantic City, NJ and was attended by more than 500 CPS Technicians from NHTSA Region 2 which covers NY,NJ, PA, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Yes, they actually have CPS Techs in PR and the Virgin Islands so keep that in mind if you ever visit one of these places.  If you get really bored at the beaches or hotel pool bar you can always make some phone calls to see if there’s a check event or fitting station nearby that could use some help.  LOL!  

Anyhow, it was only a regional conference but there were still a lot of cool seats there.  The pre-conference update class alone was brimming with high-end seats.  But nothing – and I mean nothing – blew me away like this seat did.  Therefore, my “Best of Show” award goes to…..

The Guardian Safety Seat for emergency vehicles!  Yes, I know this isn’t a conventional CR but it is the ultimate All-in-One seat.  The ingenuity, innovation and engineering that went into this seat is most impressive.   A few new things that I learned about the Guardian Safety Seat:  

  • The adult vehicle seat and toddler/child harnessed seat (23 to 85 lbs) is constructed of soft energy absorbing foam material so it’s comfortable to sit in. 

  • The infant seat will only deploy when the vehicle seat is in the rear-facing position which basically makes it idiot-proof. 

  • The infant seat has the super-cool SafeGuard retractable height adjustment system which means that when you pull the harness snug it automatically adjusts to the correct height at the child’s shoulder level.  

  • With the exception of the infant seat which has a removable padded liner over a typical plastic shell – the rest of the seat boasts “truly seamless” technology which contains an anti-microbial agent and prevents all fluid absorption.  Basically, the seat is totally seamless and impermeable to all liquids.  How cool is that?    

Let me just say that after several massive puking-in-the-carseat episodes last winter that required total dismantling and thorough cleaning of all seat components –  I personally would be willing to pay big bucks for a seat that I could just wipe clean with little effort.    

Pictured below are Kurt Hinkle, Chairman, and Dan Sjoquist, President & CEO of Serenity Safety Products.  Two very nice, very smart guys who have a lot to be proud of.  Chrysler would be very smart to integrate their product into the “Swivel ‘n Go”  Captain’s Chairs.  If that happens, I may actually have to consider buying a Chrysler minivan.