Cleaning Out Old CPS Stuff


My carseat throwback “stuff” only goes back around 15 years.  I know some people have accumulated carseat stuff for twice that long or more, including some genuine vintage carseats.  I freed up a lot of space recycling what seemed like 100 pounds of paper stuff alone.  Anyone else have some old goodies to share?  Feel free to add!



Oh and see that nice, orange Chicco roller bag in the background?  It needs to go as well, and there are a few interesting child passenger safety odds and ends inside of it.  This giveaway won’t be random, though, and I’ll give an advantage to Car-Seat.Org community members who are still reading;-)  It’s a simple question:  What are the names of the two kitties?  I call them both Foofy at this point, in homage not only to their great excess of fur, but also an old carseat forum joke about Britax carseats that Britax later turned into a fashion!

So, the first response with both cat names correct wins the goody bag!  One entry per person/household please.  I reserve the right to select one winner from all entries if more than one answer is reasonably correct.  Everyone is welcome to enter, except for CarseatBlog editors.


  1. Julie Abel-Gregory August 28, 2015
  2. CPSDarren August 27, 2015
  3. Kegracin August 27, 2015