spanish dictionaryI have come to the conclusion that I need to learn to speak Spanish in order to work more successfully as a technician.  Many of our clientele where I live are Spanish-speakers it’s a hindrance when the only way I can communicate is by hand gestures.  I just wish I wasn’t so stubborn back in 8th grade when Spanish was first offered as an elective: no, even though I knew it was a language that would come in handy seeing as how I lived in the Phoenix area, I wanted to learn French.  So in high school, pig-headedness still prevailed and I took French for 3 years and another year in college.  I was very good at French.  Too bad I don’t live in France.

I’ve heard good things about Rosetta Stone and dh and I have talked for a couple of years about buying the Spanish (Latin America) version.  But it’s got a high price tag for the 3 versions of it—$500—so all we’ve done is talk.  Dh was going to buy it for my birthday, but read the Amazon reviews and there were quite a few valid negative reviews, so he took me to San Francisco instead 😀 .  I don’t like the idea that RS can only be installed on 2 computers and that customer service is difficult to reach.  Between the kids and us, we’ve got 6 working computers right now and *I* want to be the one to decide where *I* put the software *I* bought.  But that’s a separate blog article methinks.  Do you think there’s a Spanish language learning program that’s just for CPS techs?  How handy would that be?  Pre-translated phrases all ready to learn.  Cool!  Ah, but I’m dreaming.

So, any suggestions for me to learn Spanish at home?  Keep in mind that I’m gung-ho to start projects but I tend to lose interest if they take more than a day to do—hmmm, I’ve currently got 3 going for CarSeatSite.com that I started weeks ago and 1 that I started back in May.  Maybe if we started a support group . . .