Full review coming soon but I wanted to give everyone a quick peek at the new Combi Zeus 360* and showcase a few of its unique features. The model that I have is the “Chestnut” fabric.

The Zeus 360 is rated from 5-33 lbs and up to 36″ tall rear-facing and from 20-40 lbs (over 1 year old) and up to 40″ tall forward-facing. This is the new, improved model which replaces the original “Zeus Turn” convertible.   

The infant insert that comes with the Zeus 360 MUST be used for all children under 25 lbs (11.4 kg). Instruction manual states that you should discontinue use of the insert (after 25 lbs) when the harness becomes too short to fit the child or, if forward-facing, when the child’s shoulders are above the top harness slots.  

Truthfully, it took me a while to figure out how to make this seat rotate (even though I was reading the directions) but now that I’ve got it down – it’s pretty simple. So far, the unique features are impressive but I haven’t tried to install it or put a child in it yet. Stay tuned for a more thorough review coming soon! The full review is now posted HERE.