CarseatBlog currently averages over 1600 page views a day from 700 unique visitors a day.  Our peak day was Monday, June 29th, with well over 2000 views.  Our weekly and monthly stats have been growing steadily.  Our busiest week was last week, as it is almost every week.  Our monthly traffic was about 21,000 page views from 5300 visitors last December.  It has more than doubled in 6 months, up to over 50,000 page views from 14,250 unique visitors in June, according to the awstats utility provided by our internet service provider.  July looks to be even busier!

Mondays are our busiest day, followed pretty closely by Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday.  Saturday is our slowest day of the week and Sunday isn’t much busier.  Our busiest time of day is around lunch, followed by another spike after dinner.

Google is by far the biggest search engine referrer to our blog, significantly more than all others combined.  Yahoo is a distant second, about the same as Mircosoft (Live/Bing), followed by AOL and Ask.  Here’s a top 25 list of search engine terms that have brought visitors to the blog over the last year, mostly from Google:

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  • #24  britax frontier review
  • #23  evenflo symphony convertible car seat
  • #22  mia moda viva supreme
  • #21  britax chaperone
  • #20  safest car seats 2009
  • #19  graco myride 65
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  • #16  my ride 65
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  • #13  clek oobr
  • #12  britax advocate cs
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  • #10  radian xt
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  • #7  britax roundabout 50
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  • #5  sunshine kids radian xt
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  • #2  evenflo symphony
  • #1  britax frontier recall