Need a Tether for Your Toyota?


GM, Ford, and Chrysler have had programs to reimburse dealers to provide a free top tether anchor retrofit in many vehices made in the 1980s and 1990s, until top tethers became standard. While some dealers didn’t know about these programs (or even tried to get the customer to pay anyway), it was still a great program and well-known to many child passenger safety technicians. In turn, we would give the information to parents who could use these retrofit kits in their vehicles.

Unfortunately, such free retrofits are not available on many other makes. While the parts exist, the kits can often cost $10 online or even more at a local dealer. Adding to that, many dealers will charge you a minimum half hour of labor and the total can be $40 or $50 or higher:-(

Enter SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. In a partnership with Toyota, SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. can provide a certificate for a parts kit and installation at a local Toyota or Lexus dealership! SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. is the national, non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety.  To take advantage of this offer and receive a certificate:

1) Click to read this brochure about the program and the benefits of top tethers (pdf format).

2) Download this application form and complete it. (Word format)

3) E-mail the application to [email protected] (SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.), including donation method. (If using PayPal, see special instructions on the application.)

4) When you receive your Certificate, make a tether installation appointment with your dealer.

5) Take the Certificate to the dealer, and get your tether anchor installed!

This is a great value for something that could have cost you $15 if you installed it yourself, more than $50 to have done at some dealers during an oil change. So, increase your child’s safety greatly and help expand publicity for this important service.   Finally, don’t be cheap!   As a Board member, I highly encourage any parents or technicians who use this service to make at least the minimum suggested voluntary donation of $5 per anchor kit, to cover the administrative costs of this program.

Thank you, Toyota and SafeteyBeltSafe U.S.A.! I hope other auto manufacturers follow the trend.

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