My just-turned-7 yr old is a 1st class nag.  No, no need to wonder where she got that from :/ but nagging is annoying enough that it eventually does make the recipient move into action just to make it stop, right?

She’s been after me for a while now about sitting in her harnessed Britax Frontier.  I like this seat.  The harness adjuster is smooth as butter and I like that she’s still harnessed.  It’s more secure should we get into a crash, especially if it’s one of those nasty side impacts.  Perhaps one of the reasons she’s such a nag at me is because I nag at her to get into her seat and buckle up.  She is so slow.  I’ve accused her of being a snail.  She just laughs.  We were late to school more often than not last year because of the amount of time it took for her to get into the van and get buckled.  And before you nag at me to build more time into my morning schedule 😉 , I did.

DD sits in a Parkway in dh’s vehicle and we both appreciate the convenience.  Yes, she is still slow in buckling, lol, but at least she doesn’t require my presence for tightening a harness.  So I’ve been thinking about converting the Frontier to booster mode.  We tried it once about a year ago when we had a Frontier from my Safe Kids coalition to test out and it didn’t work well for her at the time: the side was too high for her to coordinate reaching over to put the latchplate into the buckle.  I wonder if being a year older will have solved that problem.

She’s still so small, though, at 47 lbs., the skinny little thing.  DS was that weight when he was just turned 5!  But I know that being in a highback booster with good head and torso wings and side airbags is very safe as well.  And if it will save my sanity in getting us in the van, so much the better.  My ds was this age as well when he started asking to sit in a booster full-time.  I’m surprised it lasted this long-despite our state law requiring car seats/boosters to age 6 or 60 lbs., many kids go without and often ride in the front seat.  I wonder when she’ll start nagging me about sitting without a booster?


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