I miss my mind the most.

Am I the only scatterbrained imbecile who leaves things in vehicles when checking seats?  Seriously, sometimes I wonder about my brain capacity.  Why is it that I can memorize nitty-gritty, minute technical details relating to all facets of child passenger safety but I can’t remember where I put my camera?  Or my sunglasses?  Or my LATCH Manual?

Just this past weekend I had my camera at a check event and it was [seemingly] there one moment and gone the next.  I thought maybe I put it down on the table and someone walked off with it.  However, after a few phone calls that evening to parents whose vehicles I had been in – we found it.  Duh!      

In the past I’ve managed to leave my sunglasses behind twice, my LATCH Manual at least twice and once I even left my entire purse in someone’s backseat!  Luckily they hadn’t gone too far by the time I realized my mistake and called them on their cell to come back.  Even the other times, I’ve always been able to retrieve the misplaced items but sheesh!  Enough already!  What’s wrong with me?

For the record, I’ve always been like this – even as a child.  I was the kid who lost her lunchbox practically every week.  Gloves, hats and umbrellas never stood a chance around me and after a while my mom just gave up on replacing those items.  Even a single shoe would frequently disappear in my house and I’d spend 30 minutes or more trying to locate one shoe when the other one was right by the door where it should be.

So, am I the only one in this boat?  More importantly, is there any hope for me?