The Sun, It Burns Us.


Normally, I blog away in my dungeon office lair, pale skin, oblivious to all things living other than my pet fish, pet cat, a random child who comes in to play on the kids’ computer and perhaps a stray spider or centipede.  I mean really, I have a comfy chair, climate control, music and a number of computers.  Besides maybe the lack of a mini fridge or bathroom, why would I want to leave?

Tonight, I was lured out of my crypt with the promise of ice cream at our neighborhood pool.  I was a bit concerned that I might spontaneously combust when the first ray of sunlight touched my skin.  There was also some worry about melting if splashed with water.  So far, I appear to be suffering no ill effects, other than some odd stares.  I’m not sure if that’s because I have on a t-shirt and shorts instead of a swimsuit, because I’m the only geek at the pool with a laptop computer or just because I’m funny looking in general.  I mean, even the moms who are clearly not here to swim and instead idly chat on their cellphones are looking down upon me with superior looks.  As if.

Anyway, it’s time to wrap this up.  The whistles just sounded for a safety break and adult swim.  No, I’m not going near the water.  On the other hand, with the kids out of the water, that means my wife will be giving us money to go buy some ice cream treats!  mmmmm.


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