Here’s a quick run down of ABC updates from Baby Trend, Orbit Baby & TOMY/The First Years


Baby Trend:

Inertia infant seat

  • no longer BRU exclusive.
  • 5-32 lbs; rigid latch attachments; anti-rebound bar; no-rethread harness
  • New 2014 fashions

Baby Trend Inertia  Baby Trend Inertia




Hybrid combination seat

  • 22-50 lbs. with harness; 17″ top harness slots
  • 30-100 lbs highback booster; 40-100 backless booster

Baby Trend FastBack & Hybrid

FastBack combination seat

  • Rigid latch attachments
  • Weight limit for 2014 models will be 22-65 lbs with harness
  • Due to weight of product 2014 models will only allow LATCH usage to 36 lbs



G3 infant seat update – primarily changes in soft goods

  • tight mesh cover
  • release levers now grey
  • paparazzi cover sewn into canopy

G3 Base

  • Latch belt routed behind lock-off
  • Single side adjuster

Toddler Seat (Convertible)

  • Height limit now 49″


TOMY/The First Years:

The B830 combination seat that we’ve been seeing at ABC for the last few years will be released at some point in 2014 but it will be released under the JJ Cole brand name. We don’t have any other details but will follow up with our contacts at TOMY and keep you posted.

 Contigo infant seat – currently available

  • must always be used with base (no guides for baseless install)
  • 5-35 lbs; no re-thread harness; forward handle position for rebound management

No changes to current convertibles.