Cybex Aton QAt last year’s ABC Show, Cybex introduced the Aton 2 with the load leg and it’s proven to be a very popular infant seat. The load leg on the base keeps the infant seat from rotating down toward the floor which improves stability and helps absorb crash forces. Cybex has done comparison crash tests against the competition to see how effective the load leg really is in dissipating crash energy, and they’ve found it to be eye-opening, not only in terms of reducing downward rotation of the infant seat, but also in reducing rebound as well (see chart below). When you reduce the downward rotation, it’s essentially reducing the bounce back from the vehicle seat cushion since it didn’t go as far into the cushion as it would have otherwise. The Aton 2 also introduced the Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP) flip-up device on the sides of the handle. These innovative features won the Aton 2 the JPMA Innovation Award for 2012.

Cybex Comp Chart   X-Force

This year, Cybex introduces the Aton Q infant seat. The Aton Q is a part of their Platinum line of products, the top echelon. The Q also won this year’s JPMA Innovation Award, so two years in a row for Cybex! Congrats! What makes the Aton Q different from the Aton and the Aton 2? Plenty. First, it has a larger canopy, but it’s still very Euro, very Aton in flavor. The Q has a no re-thread harness that, as the harness slots move down to fit a smaller baby, the seat pan moves up to boost the baby up to those slots. Innovation anyone? Pictured below is the Euro model with 3-pt harness and no chest clip. The model for the US will have a 5-pt harness and a chest clip. The belt path prongs on the carrier are colored in silver (platinum) plastic, with other silver accents. The Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP) is shifted off the handle and toward the top of the carrier, nearer to the baby’s head. On either side, the LSP telescopes out from the side of the carrier to the depth needed for maximum protection. Perhaps best of all, the Aton Q will fit any Aton base. Cybex is expecting a 1st quarter delivery and a price point of $349.

Cybex Aton Q  Cybex Aton Q

Cybex Aton Q - Bigger Canopy  Cybex Aton Q - New LPS

Cybex Aton Q with preemie doll


Let me back up just a bit and explain that Cybex is going to a tier system for their seats. The Silver level includes the Aton at $249, the Gold level includes the Aton 2 at $299, and the Platinum level includes the Aton Q at $349.

Cybex Aton 2 Collection


Also new is the designer Jeremey Scott “Food Fight” Collection:

Jeremy Scott for Cybex - the "Food Fight" Collection  Jeremy Scott "Food Fight" Cybex Aton 2


Big news? The Solution X-Fix booster is coming back! There were some sad grumblings when it was discontinued here, but they’ve brought it back!

Cybex Solution X-Fix


Even bigger news? The Solution Q-Fix. It’s an X-Fix booster on steroids. The torso wings widen as the headrest is raised to give a growing child more room. We measured the top shoulder belt guide height to be 21″. And of course, it has rigid LATCH. Look for a 1st quarter release at $249.