ABC Expo 2013: Graco Updates & Tranzitions 65 Convertible Preview


New IMMI Graco buckleGraco has good news for anyone in the market for an infant seat: by the end of this year, all their infant seat buckles will be the IMMI buckles! What that means for the Average Josephine is that the release button will be easier push and the buckle tongs will be easier to insert into the buckle. Yay! Trust me, they’re happy about it too. Speaking of infant seats, Babies R Us has renewed their exclusivity contract for the SnugRide 40, so if you or a friend are looking for that particular Graco infant seat, you can only get it at BRU.

Graco is introducing a new Argos 80 Elite model based on the Argos 70 Elite, but with structural changes to beef it up to handle the extra 10 lbs. of kid. So the new weight range will be 20-80 lbs. Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby will carry the Argos 80 Elite starting sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2014. MSRP $219.

Graco Argos 80 Elite

There are some changes to the Size4Me/Head Wise/My Size convertible carseats. Because of 2014 regulatory changes, Graco is reducing the upper weight limit to 65 lbs. You’ll be seeing this happen with a lot of manufacturers’ convertible carseats with current weight limits over 65 lbs. The labels will be changed to reflect the change in weight limit, otherwise the seats should remain largely the same.

Now, I bet you thought nothing was really going on at Graco because I waited until now to tell you about something NEW! I just like to build anticipation 😉 . Graco is adding a new convertible seat based on the Size4Me shell but at a lower pricepoint. In the” Tranzitions 65,” (now known as the Contender; info on the Tranzitions combination seat can be found here) you get the same great height of the Size4Me/Head Wise/My Size seats, but with fewer features. The harness is still a no re-thread adjustment for changing harness height, but they’ve removed the sliding recline feature and added a flip foot for a simple 2-position recline. There’s one LATCH strap instead of 2 and it’s on a bar on the side of the carseat; it has the standard Graco hooks for lower anchor connectors. The labels are also different: there are lots of drawings instead of text, which makes them very easy to understand. Graco’s done a great job of keeping features parents need while keeping price low at $159. The Tranzitions 65 Contender is due out in the 1st quarter of 2014. Initial fashions are Pierce (pictured here), Nyssa & Go Green (pictured at end of blog).

New Graco Tranzitions 65  Graco Tranzitions 65

Graco Tranzitions 65


Affix with Safety Surround in Stargazer fashionAffix highback booster will now be available with “Safety Surround” technology. BuyBuyBaby exclusive. “Stargazer” fashion. $99



A few new fashions:





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