ABC Expo 2013: Ride Safer Travel Vest and More! (Safe Traffic System Inc.)


Safe Traffic System foam boosterSafe Traffic System Inc. brings us the Ride Safer Travel Vest, which we love as a travel option or when we need to squeeze a kid in a very narrow 3-across situation where nothing else will fit. They continue to expand their product line to make the vests more useful and mainstream. Let’s start with the new backless booster. It’s made almost completely of EPP foam, which makes it about as lightweight as you can get. It does have some metal in it to reinforce it, but it’s still pretty flexible. The booster, which doesn’t have a name yet (ETA: It now has a name: the Delighter), can be used with or without the vest. When used with the type 2 vest with tether or the type 3 vest, limits are 3 years and 30 lbs. When used without the vest, limits are 4 years and 40 lbs. Size-wise, the booster is about 9″ at its narrowest on the bottom at the back, 14″ at the armrests at the back, and 14″ at the front. Initial models won’t have LATCH, but it will eventually be phased in. The booster can also be used in conjunction with the type 2 vest and the airplane strap on an airplane. Say what?

Yep. STS has also developed an airplane seat strap á la the CARES harness. It will be a brightly colored strap–color to be determined–that wraps around the airplane seat to secure the top of the vest to the seat. The tray will be able to fold down for the person sitting behind, just like the CARES harness. Just like the Ride Safer Vest weight limit, the upper weight limit for the airplane strap is 80 lbs. Booster use with the airplane strap/vest isn’t required on the plane. No release date for the airplane strap yet since it’s being held up for approval by the FAA, which is currently closed due to the government shutdown. Price is expected to be around $25 for the accessory plane strap.

Release date for the booster is 1st quarter 2014. Price is expected to be around $40.

ETA: Additions made are colored red.

Safe Traffic System booster airplane strap front  Safe Traffic System booster airplane strap  Safe Traffic System airplane strap back


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