Sneak Peek: Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Booster Preview!


Maxi-Cosi-RodiFix-BoosterExciting news to share! Our sponsor, Maxi-Cosi, will soon be launching their new RodiFix booster here in the US! RodiFix will hopefully be the answer to a lot of wishes for a great booster with NO ARMRESTS!!! If you or your child have ever struggled on a daily basis just to buckle the booster because it was difficult to access the buckle – this could be the seat you’ve been hoping and waiting for!

The fact that RodiFix also has rigid lower LATCH attachments, deep sidewings and headwings with AirProtect technology for enhanced protection in side-impact crashes, is height and width adjustable, has a front access recline feature and an innovative “EasyGlide” shoulder belt guide that your seatbelt can never slip out of unintentionally, and… OMG – someone hand me a paper bag because I’m about to start hyperventilating! Okay, seriously, I don’t want to get too worked up over this until I’ve had a chance to see it and play with it in person but I am so stoked about this seat!!!

A huge “thank you!” shoutout to our friends at Dorel/Maxi-Cosi for bringing us this awesome European seat so we don’t have stare longingly at some distant UK webpage, drooling over something that we can’t have.

I know there will be questions about this product that we just can’t answer right now until we see the seat and read the US instruction manual but please comment and post those questions anyway and we’ll do our best to get some answers as soon as possible. This is what little we do know at this time:

Maxi-Cosi RodiFix Highback Booster

  • Highback only – back not removable
  • $250 MSRP
  • Expected availability next month (September)
  • 30-120 lbs

*Please keep in mind that all details and images are preliminary and may not be representative of the final production model. Photos of product shown below (in red fashion) are of the European RodiFix model. 

Initial fashions for the US model are Total Black, Steel Grey, Sweet Cerise (pink) and Walnut Brown.

maxicosi_rodifix_tall    maxicosi_rodifix_recline

maxicosi_rodifix_easyglide  maxicosi_rodifix_adjust



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